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Special Projects

Steeltown Design is happy to undertake projects that most similar firms would shy away from. We have a passion for engineering related projects and as such have worked with charities, organisations and private individuals to combine our IT knowledge with more hands on activities.


If you would like to see what the Steeltown Design Special Projects Division can do for you or your business please get in touch. Below are just some of the projects we have undertaken:


  • Custom Covert Surveillance Vehicle
  • Cycle Trailers for 18 Cycles
  • Mobile ICT Classroom (7.5 Tonne Chassis HGV)
  • Command & Situation Control Vehicles
  • Welfare Vehicle & Mobile Office (with Digital Communication Systems)
  • UAV Aerial Photography (Estate Agents & Industrial Property Sites)
  • Custom Landscape Photography for Office Decoration
  • Trailer Based Configurations - Data, Command & Situation Control, Disaster Planning Set Ups
  • Snow Clearing Equipment